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Meet Our CEO, Kim!

Ever wonder what confidence looks like?

For more than 27 years, Koza Beauty founder Kimberlynn (Kim) Benton has been restoring confidence to the faces of her loyal clients. As an expert esthetician with the belief that having radiant, healthy skin is something everyone deserves, Kim often saw teens who were suffering from acne, mothers who may be too busy to devote the time to proper skin care, or men and women of all ages who simply needed anti-aging advice to help ward off those pesky wrinkles and age spots.

Having spent years in the industry, Kim knew one simple fact – everyone has the choice to have better skin. With that in mind she decided to start her own collection of quality, results-driven products.

Introducing Koza Beauty:

“Koza” which means skin in Croatian was inspired by her beloved Croatian grandmother who was a woman of grace and love. Despite living a life full of challenges, Kim’s grandmother had the softest skin you could imagine.

“As a child she would always comfort me by holding my hand in her sweet, soft hand. Being a parent now, and hearing my children repeat the same words to me regarding my soft skin, I wanted to honor my grandmother and bring alive my heritage through the name Koza. Koza is meant to comfort you as I hold your hand and help you with your skin. Koza is quality, efficacy, purpose and results.”

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